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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
20 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
21 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
22 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
23 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
24 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
25 Olexander Kaniuka Ukranian-American (1910-2000) Etching PASS
49 1967 "But Daddy" by Tom Buck PASS
50 "Big Fraid, Little Fraid" by Ellis Credle With Dust Jacket PASS
51 1960 "Buffalo and Beaver" by Stephen W. Meader PASS
52 1891 "Forging His Own Chains" by George Bidwell PASS
53 "The Forest" Stewart Edward White 1903 PASS
54 "Audience" Hardcover January 1971 Volume 1 Number 1 PASS
55 "Jefferson the Forgotten Man" Samuel Pettengill 1938 With DJ PASS
56 "Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus" Samuel Eliot Morison PASS
57 "Sportsmanlike Driving" American Automobile Assoc. 1938 PASS
58 (128) 19th European Paintings, Sculpture, Works of Art, Works on Paper Auction Catalogs Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
59 (99) 20th Century Design, Modern and L.C. Tiffany Auction Catalogs Sotheby's Christie's Others PASS
60 (68) American Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures, Important Americana Auction Catalogs Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
61 (78) Chinese/Japanese/Asian Art Auction Catalogs Christie's and Sotheby's, Others PASS
62 (71) Silver Auction Catalogs from Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
63 (91) Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Paperweights Auction Catalogs Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
64 (89) Furniture, Folk Art, Works of Art Auction Catalogs Christie's and Sotheby's PASS
65 (50+) Miscellaneous Auction Catalogs: Irish, Russian, Picasso, Paris, Latin, Indian and More PASS
66 (40+) Miscellaneous Auction Catalogs From Sotheby's & Christie's PASS
67 (57) Old Masters, European Paintings, Fine Decorative Arts Auction Catalogs Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
68 (40+) Estate Auction Catalogs from Sotheby's, Christie's and Others PASS
69 (15) Toys, Games Auction Catalogs Sotheby's and Christie's PASS
70 (19) Shannon's Fine American, European, Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture Auction Catalogs PASS
71 (26) Sculptures, Bronzes, Architecture Auction Catalogs Sotheby's Christie's PASS
72 (5) Swann's African American Fine Art Auction Catalogs PASS
73 Harriet Beecher Stowe "Uncle Tom's Cabin" First Edition Later Printing PASS
75 John Bigsby "The Shoe and Canoe or Pictures of Travel in the Canadas" 1850 PASS
77 Temple Henry Croker "The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences" 1764 PASS
78 "The Complete Collection of the Works of Reverend and Learned John Kettlewell, Formerly Vicar of Coles-Hill in Warwickshire" 1719 PASS
79 "The Coach Makers Illustrated Hand Book" 1875 PASS
80 John Hill "A General Natural History: New & Accurate Descriptions of the Animals, and Minerals of the World" 1748 PASS
81 The Facetiae or Jacose Tales of Poggio 2 Volume Set 1879 PASS
82 Sir Walter Scott "The Waverly Novels" Edition DeLuxe Numbered 54/500 PASS
83 O.S. Fowler "Science of Life" Salesman Sample 1875 PASS
84 Thomas Leland "The Orations of Demosthenes on Occafions of Public Deliberation" 1777 PASS
85 Palmer Cox "The Brownies Around the World" 1894 PASS
86 Francoise-Rene Chateaubriand "Atala" Gustave Dore Illustrations 1884 PASS
87 D.H. Lawrence "Lady Chatterley's Lover" Private Printing 1928 PASS
88 J. Henry Clark "Popular Handbook Sight and Hearing" 1856 PASS
89 Mr. Burke's Speech on the Motion Made for Paper 1785 PASS
90 Raymond Moley "The Hay's Office" Signed First Edition Book PASS
91 John P. Green "Fact Stranger Than Fiction" Signed Book PASS
92 Charles Brooks "Hints to Pilgrims" Signed Book 1821 PASS
93 Albert Farwell Bemis "The Evolving House" Signed by the Author PASS
94 James Stark "Report Commissioners of Charities and Corrections of King's County NY" 1890 PASS
95 Lewette Pollock Pierce "So Brief a Span" Signed Book PASS
96 50th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg Revised 1915 PASS
97 32nd Congress Communication From Secretary of Treasury Report of Israel D. Andrews 1853 PASS
98 "Junius Including Letters by the Same Author in 2 Volumes" PASS
99 Ernest Thompson Seton "Lives of Game Animals" 6 Volumes Second Edition PASS
100 Charles Edward Stowe "Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe" Compiled from Letters and Journals PASS
101 (10) Books Catalogs on Jaguar Vehicles PASS
102 William Bennett "The Moral Compass" & "The Book of Virtues" Easton Press New and Wrapped PASS
103 Roger Kafka & Roy Pepperburg "Warships of the World" 1944 PASS
104 1899 Heavy, Oversize Handwritten Business Ledger PASS
105 Frederick Palmer "Newton D. Baker and America At War" 1931 PASS
106 Dr. Seuss "Thidwick and the Big Hearted Moose" PASS
107 Ben Shahn "His Graphics, Art and Paintings" Book PASS
108 1984 Library of America 4 Volume Set in Slip Cases PASS
109 Historical Geography of Medieval Architecture 1964 PASS
110 M. Giuzot, Dana Estes, & Charles Lauriat "Guizot's Popular History of France" 3 Volumes PASS
111 (5) Elbert Hubbard Books PASS
112 (3) Bound John Ruskin Volumes 1876, 1878 PASS
113 Southey's Common Place Books First Through Fourth Series 1849 PASS
114 The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Household Edition 1875 PASS
115 1920 Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie With Illustrations First Edition PASS
116 The Diary of John Evelyn Memoirs and Secret Chronicles 2 Volumes PASS
117 (6) Audel Books Pumps, Carpenter and Builders, Machinery, Mechanics Guides PASS
118 1984 Great American Law Review Legal Classics PASS
119 Evelyn Abbott "Pericles and the Golden Age of Athen's" 1891 PASS
120 J.M. Barrie "George Meredith 1909" Limited 150 Copies PASS
121 Jane Ellen Harrison "Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion" 1908 PASS
122 Robert H. Jones "Fields of Conflict; The Civil War and Reconstruction in America" Paperback Signed PASS
123 George H. Freitag "The Lost Land" Signed Book PASS
124 Girl Scout Handbook Imtermediate Program 7th Impression PASS
125 Edward Marshall "The Story of the Rough Riders" PASS
126 Rufus Wilmot Griswold "The Poets and Poetry of America" 1872 PASS
127 James McCabe "History of the Centennial Exhibition" 1876 PASS
128 Anthony Trollope "The Small House at Allington The Chronicles of Barsetshire" 1920 PASS
129 The Merck Veterinary Manuals 4th and 11th Editions PASS
130 Walt Whitman "Leaves of Grass" 1931 PASS
131 1988 D.H. Lawrence "Sons and Lovers" Easton Press PASS
132 James Fennimore Cooper "The Crater or Vulcan's Peak" 1962 PASS
133 Collier's World Atlas and Gazetter 1937 PASS
134 Mary and Elizabeth Durack "The Way of the Whirlwind" 1945 PASS
135 Bellamy Partridge "January Thaw" PASS
136 F. Berkeley Smith "Parisians Out of Doors" 1905 PASS
137 Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler "Fail Safe" PASS
138 Levi Hart & V.R. Osborn "The Works of P. Virgilius Mano" 1882 PASS
139 Hubert Skidmore "River Rising" 1939 PASS
140 1984 M. Descondat "The Spirit of Laws Volume I" Legal Classics PASS
141 Andrew Turnball "Thomas Wolfe A Biography" PASS
142 Chilton's Flat Rate and Service Manual 15th Edition 1941 PASS
143 Benjamin Jowett "The Republic of Plato" 3rd Edition Revised PASS
152 Uncorrected First Proof of "In the Days of Simon Stern" by Arthur Cohen PASS
165 Principles of Political Economy Carey on Population and Political Condition 1840 PASS
166 Cram's Atlas of the World 1900 PASS
167 1856 Leaven For Doughfaces or Threescores and Ten Parables Touching Slavery PASS
168 "The Water World" J.W. Van Dervoort 1883 PASS
169 (18) Sotheby's Auction Catalogs Applied Arts from 1880 PASS
170 (19) Marine, Sporting Auction Catalogs Christie's and Sotheby's PASS
171 "Chinese Art: Bronze, Jade, Sculpture, Ceramics" Book 1960 PASS
172 The Works Of Benjamin Disraeli 20 Volumes Imperial Edition 1 of 100 ARNOT PASS
173 Parallel Lives of Plutarch Four studies by A. H. L. Heeren 1820 Original Latin PASS
174 The True Practical French Grammar Gautier Joseph 3rd Edition 1753 Dublin Meath PASS
175 Carl Lundgren (20th c. American illustrator) 2 Original Fantasy Comic Art PASS
176 1908 The Works of Oliver Goldsmith Limited Turk's Head Edition PASS
270 (6) Fostoria Moonstone Blue Glasses PASS
292 "Cries of London: Milk Below Maids" Engraving Luigi Schavonetti PASS
331 Herz Italy Duck Head Nut Cracker PASS
387 (5) Michigan Munising Hand Carved Wooden Bowl Set PASS
388 (4) Hand Carved Farmhouse Dough Bowls PASS